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Our Company
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Our Company

“To make a name for yourself, do that which no other person has done or do what every other person has done but in your own unique way.”
Our Company

We Are An Awesome Agency

We are an African themed Creative Digital Agency committed to impacting lives as well as proffer tech-based innovative solutions to problems, particularly in Africa. For us, challenges are our goldmines. We are fun creatives – Writers, Bloggers, Wordsmiths, Designers, Craftsmen, Storytellers, Content Creators and Ideators, invested in showcasing our originality using our rich African cultural heritage. We want to digitally promote and preserve the African culture, so the world is aware of who we really are. Our services are branched into different departments, creating opportunities for everyone to fit in, individually utilise their skills and excel at their best, given the freedom to grow and update their abilities everyday. Just Khuana is indeed home…where fun creates magic.

What We Do

Creative & Digital

We are Content Creators, Creative Designers and Ideators dedicated to using our skills and craft to positively impact the world, with particular interest in Africa. We are creative problem-solvers who understand the business of play and are super passionate about making a difference, especially in Africa. We emit great positive vibes and truly love inspiring others. We create that happy environment where we push Africans to be the very best versions of themselves. We are all about fun, growth and creativity. Just Khuana is a company established to set great standards… It is home where fun creates magic.

We strive to be the best and make awesome work.

“Take a chance in possibilities.”


“I understand you all are fun creatives but why African themed?” she asked Khuana


Smiling, Khuana replied, “Let me share with you a few of the instances that at the time seemed insignificant and just individual memories, but later summed up to form that EUREKA moment that birthed JUST KHUANA.


In a conversation with a company manager I was pitching one of our ideas to:


“I love your name, Khuana. Is it Nigerian?” She asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

“Benue state?” she asked some more, wanting to get clarifications.

The surprised look on her face couldn’t be missed. My smile only grew wider as I again corrected her.

“Nope. I am from Edo state. I am an Esan girl,” I told her. “My full name is Omoakhuana. It means parents labour for their children.” I further explained.

“Oh Wow! That’s interesting.” she said, smiling.

My thought at the time: The Esan tribe is not really known.


In a conversation with a customer in the market while bargaining the price for his product:


“This your pidgin english no be lagos own ooo. E be like say you be Edo or Delta person,” he said smiling.

“Yes na, I be Edo pikin,” I replied smiling too.

“Ehen, I talk am. Una pidgin dey sweet ehhh. Oviewdo kpa taki,” he hailed me.

While I found myself basking in that momentary joy of someone knowing a distinct thing about my state…my people,  I made fast to point out that I was Esan.

“I no be Bini ooo. Esan me khin,’’ I said smiling still.

“Ehen, all na the same thin naaa,” he said.

“Na true. We be one Edo State.” I said.

My thought at the time: Bini is the well known language. Esan is not really known.


In a conversation with my dad, we found ourselves gisting about a variety of topics which led to different tribes and soon enough, my dad was telling me about the history of my village, Uzogholo-Ewu, located in Esan Central Local Government in Edo State.


“The original name of our village is Eilu, not Ewu,” my dad began.

“As history has it, one of Oba Ozolua’s many sons, Ughulu, was driven from the city for crimes he committed against his hot tempered father. When leaving, two of his maternal brothers, Uamen and Ikpebua followed him into his forced exile.”  my dad continued.

By the time he finished the story, I was still seated in that attentive position as if to say, “I want to know more.”

My thought at the time: How interesting would it be to share this story with the rest of the world, especially people from the same Ewu village. I bet not even up to a handful know our own history.



All of these summed up to form that light bulb moment – showcase the African culture.

I soon realised that so many people especially in the millenial and Gen Z generations, don’t know much about our history as a people of different tribes. We know we are Bini, Esan, Igbo, Tiv, Yoruba, Etsako, Hausa etc but how did we come to be?


Every one of the over 300 tribes in Nigeria have their unique story of origin, talk more of other tribes in Africa.



What is our story?

Our culture is our heritage and our pride and this is what makes us stand out beautifully as the proud Africans we are, aside the colour of our skin. In addition to the remarkable pace at which the world is fast evolving, people of our generation are more occupied with other things and are gradually forgetting their roots.


Seeing a gap in this area, I decided to digitally preserve and promote the African culture so that no matter how much technology advances, our cultural heritage is kept safe for future generations.


As a super fun creative, I thought to bridge this gap with my existing skills – Content Creation, Creative Designs and Ideation, and form a team of like minds so we become a distinct creative digital agency making a major difference out there, especially in Africa.


We hope to change the negative stereotyped African narrative to a positive one that would increase the respect and love for the black people.



  • To permanently erase the negative stereotypes associated with Africa, changing poverty to productivity and prosperity; starving to thriving; conflict-ridden to peace-loving; helpless to independent.
  • To digitally promote and preserve the African culture, one tribe at a time, using the art of storytelling.
  • To create quality, educative, entertaining, positive and inspiring contents as a means of nurturing a moral culture in our audience, especially children.
  • To proffer innovative tech-based solutions to problems in Africa through our ideation services.
  • To infuse and spread positive vibes into the world, using short motivational messages, encouraging people to be the best version of themselves with all our products, especially our T-Shirt line.
  • To share fun and achievable inspirational, business, lifestyle tips to our audience.
  • To provide quality contents as well as edit manuscripts and articles given us to not only suit the needs of our clients but also optimized for search engines and also appeals to the audience, giving our clients that advantage over the competition.
  • To contribute our quota in saving our planet by recycling scraps into reusable art designs.