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This is our Ideation department. As creatives and ideators, we often come up with various ideas which would benefit Africa especially Nigeria, our home country. We develop these ideas into proposals/pitches with the intent to implement through partnership or sell to serious-minded people willing to execute them, thereby impacting that much needed change we all crave for. We seek to use the available technology in today’s world to proffer practical solutions to real problems we face. We believe building the society, the world, is a team effort. While we think out the possible solutions to societal problems, we give room for others to act and implement these solutions. We see the problems in our environment as an opportunity to make a difference. Contact us for one of these amazing apps. We are also available to develop your own idea from the seed level in your mind to practical steps on paper. Reach out to us today.



Automating medical operations has become more of a necessity rather than a choice. In so many ways, advanced technology has improved the medical world and made patient care well-organized which birthed the Patient Management Systems (PMS). The basic objective of PMS is to reorganize or better put, restructure the manner in which patient’s data is handled and with this information, the hospital is well-ordered and the management more equipped to make better decisions and improved plans in patient care and management.


For this management system to be a reality, the Medi-Ace App comes into play; an app that would capture all the necessary details needed for the patients and the healthcare providers to have an effective, smooth and transparent communication, all geared towards the full recovery of the patient. The app also puts the patient in control of their health and help them better understand their medical condition and how (on their part), to best deal with it, guided by the healthcare providers.

This software is aimed at enhancing the healthcare of patients and fostering their professional relationship with the healthcare providers (Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses Lab scientists, Imaging technologists etc.) in the hospital.  It also makes work more efficient and gives more defined streamline to the workload of these healthcare providers. Instead of usage of files and papers, this software would serve as a data collation system for patient’s information.

With this online management system, the workflow in the hospital is synchronized and the patient’s information – registration, appointments, diagnoses, prescriptions, test results etc. can easily be captured and accessible to healthcare providers anywhere. This hospital data is not only secured but also backed up in the case of damage – fire outbreak, mismanagement by staff or even altering information. This management system is set to make the hospital work more improved and productive.

The aim of this proposal is to create and execute a better management system for patient documentation that would enhance data veracity, curtailing the chances of incorrect records or documentation, reduce or even eliminate repetition of data, avoid the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, make medical records easily accessible anywhere, anytime etc.

Any hospital looking to be extra valuable to her patients would find this app very useful because Medi-Ace is set to give a rebirth to the Nigerian Healthcare System.



One of the major causes of climate change in the world today is due to our human activities and a good example is OUR DIET. Yes, our diet. Our meals can be doing more harm than good to our bodies as well as causing damages to the climate.


Apart from boosting one’s confidence, keeping a fit régime results in a multitude of benefits among which are increased energy, improved moods, happiness and even long life. Keeping fit is not necessarily for the sole purpose of losing weight but staying healthy thereby reducing the risk of chronic illnesses.

In 2016, data received from teaching hospitals in Nigeria showed that about 20 – 30 patient admissions were related to heart failure. In 2017, it was shown that about 150, 000 Nigerians die annually due to heart issues and by 2030, the figure is expected to increase to 23 million if appropriate steps are not taken to curtail this. Due to poor diet, absence of a healthy lifestyle and even lack of exercise, about 34% of the adult population in Nigeria live with High Blood Pressure before they clock the age of 50. Other chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, if poorly treated or not treated at all, can sometimes lead to heart failure too.

With proper diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, these figures are bound to plummet significantly. Sadly, a lot of people assume that exercise and eating right is meant for “fat people” trying to lose weight. They fail to realize that keeping fit is a MUST for everyone irrespective of body size or weight. Nutrition is vital for proper fitness. It is better to invest in a healthy lifestyle than to spend all our earnings trying to cure our bodies of illnesses due to unhealthy living.

This application software is solely about teaching people that eating right is every bit important as living right. The app involves a team effort from various professionals – chefs, dietitians/nutritionists, gym/fitness coaches, doctors (where necessary especially in the case of those with medical conditions) and the team can be led by any of these professionals, someone who is super passionate about healthy living and ridding the world of diseases while saving the planet. This app is designed to be a one-stop shop for anything diet/fitness in Nigeria and even intercontinental. This app avails you the opportunity to build a bigger, healthier diet community than you already have. You get to mitigate climate change with your healthy recipes (which is one of the SDG goals) and become a brand name to the world. This app is designed to take your business to greater heights while impacting lives. It’s a great idea to resonate with.


This particular proposal can blossom into a full blown physical company as well as online.



The most visited healthcare professionals in the community are the Pharmacists and this is mostly for convenience sake or inability to afford huge medical bills in hospitals.

Pharmacies are often the first stop for patients, thus making Community Pharmacy (often private owned in Nigeria) very significant in the society. Due to the key role they play in the community, Pharmacies are distinctively situated to reach out to the people and provide a range of public health services that upgrades the health, self-care and promotes the wellbeing of the locals.

The Pharmaccess app is a software designed to make easy, convenient and stress-free, the purchase of drugs by patients especially those on long term health care and on doctors prescriptions. Example of such are patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. It would be a unified system across all registered pharmacies in a state or region. This guides against fake drugs and quack pharmacies and in its own little way, reduces the rate of mortality due to carelessness or ignorance.


Pharmacists play a most important role in medication management and adherence; thus putting them (Pharmacists) in regular interactions with the patients. This dependence and ease of access to the Pharmacists put them in the unique position to initiate positive behaviors and encourage patient outcomes.

Globally, the traditional practice in Retail Pharmacy is to have the Pharmacy in a good location easily accessible to people, so that customers can easily walk-in and make a request for the medication, item/product they desire. In this age of advanced technology, in which virtually every profession today has an online service thereby making the job easier and less cumbersome, the healthcare system, particularly the Pharmaceutical industry is not left behind.

In Nigeria, there are about 10,000 registered Pharmacies regulated by the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) most of which are privately owned and there are over 522 Community Pharmacies in Lagos state alone, each trying to make a success of their business. One can only imagine the struggle to not only get ahead but also stay ahead of the competition.

With Pharmaccess, you not only get to create a great deal of positive impact in your community but you stand to be at an advantage over your competition.



In our fight against corruption and the ills of society today, there is no generation more at risk or more vulnerable than our children. Hence the need to catch them young at heart and keep them safe within the bubble of morality and all that is good, pure, holy and true. While we cannot completely protect them from the evils and vices that has corrupted our world today, we can very well equip them with the right tools to keep them guarded and ready to face the world without fear of getting lost or caught up within the throes of moral decadence.

In the light of this, there is a need for moral and ethical formation of these young minds; to shape them in the right way and teach them not to be slaves to vanity. We are to eradicate that false notion from their minds that they need material validation to be seen as successful in life. It is our civic duty and responsibility as adults and grown-ups, to teach these little ones to grow to become responsible, morally upright and well-mannered individuals who can transform the world.

In a bid to contribute our own quota to restructuring society and making the world a better place; in trying to assist parents and schools in the child formation process, the idea of the DIGITAL SUMMER APP, comes to mind.

The drive behind the idea for this app is to create an atmosphere with a resultant ripple effect where people wake up inspired to love as Christ loved. These days, children grow up faster than they should. The idea of camp is to keep them longer as children in a world of fun and innocence while gently preparing them to face the world.

The Digital Summer App is a software proposed to be a fun learning digital space for children all year round. With this app, they are given a better substitute for shows or movies which are not morally sound for them. This software is designed in a way children would learn how to impact on the world because they begin to find their usefulness and relevance and how they can better fit in the society.

With this app, all the kids would be drawn together in fun. It is a space where they meet new people and build lasting friendships. They get to know people different from them and learn to appreciate others. They would also learn to feel great about themselves and not feel intimated when compared with others.

They would also get to learn social skills such as trustworthiness, character building, respect, participation, fairness, sharing, communication, community, service to others, resourcefulness, leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork etc.

Parents, Educators, Teachers and everyone interested in the total wellbeing of children would find this app proposal very useful and potential-filled.


Every business; every multi-million dollar company started out as an idea. Some people who have come up with great ideas are sometimes not even recognized or appreciated for it. Though seemingly insignificant, but it is not supposed to be, because this idea is your brain child and getting monetary reward for it or even a standing ovation for the great success the idea brings is very much worth it. The knowledge that your creativity can contribute to society, tends to subtly boost more, your creativity.

Looking at our beloved country, Nigeria, it hurts how we often lack creativity or even if we do have it, we lack putting it into good use. Not necessarily because we don’t have creative individuals but because often times when we think up ideas, they never get to see the light of day because the inventors or creators of these ideas never get to meet with the right businesses or companies in need of such ideas.

Day in, day out, things remain the same. Every profession can be much more than it is if only we are brave enough to tap into our creative resources and not downgrade interesting ideas that come to us.

The FINDMENOW APP would serve as a common ground for creative thinkers to sell their ideas to companies in varied industries who would benefit from them. No need to lose any more ideas. Companies in different industries are often in need of ideas that will not only help them grow but also give them a financial boost. In the light of this, great ideas with practicable and realistic ways of achieving them is sure to catch the attention of such companies who would have to pay for it before they can use it.

Constant addition of creativity and newness to the company style, keeps the business afloat and ahead of competitors. Companies are therefore constantly in need of great ideas to help them continuously improve and stay in business.

Findmenow App affords Africans not only a new means to make money, but to also  become more creative and not just let their ideas fade away without even trying to birth it into reality. The new Africa has to be developed or built on new creations/innovations developed by Africans for Africa. We have to maximize this age of technological advancement and make Africa up to standard.

This app therefore serves as a win-win platform for both creative thinkers who gain financially and business owners who get new ways to enhance productivity.

If you are a creative, ideator, business-minded, this app proposal is a great opportunity for you to start something uniquely different and amazing. You could very well be on your way to begin a great community of true talent and talent seekers.