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This is our book writing department. We focus on writing fictional stories especially as it relates to the Africa, particularly Nigerian cultures. We also carry out research and write historic fiction using actual facts about different tribes and how they came to be. We also write non-fictional, motivational and inspirational books to encourage people to live their best lives always.

BURNING OF SHADOWS by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili


“… that which you seek, lies in the corner of the deep. You need to be brave. You need to be brave.” Adesua, the warrior princess of Urehuman village woke up with a start, beads of sweat breaking on her forehead. This is the 3rd night she is having the same dream in succession. What could this mean? At the other side of the village, Omesan is unable to sleep. He sits outside his hut, staring into the darkness, unable to shake off the feeling, of the impending doom hovering closer and closer to the village. Although a fearless warrior, Omesan understands fear and this which he feels now, scares him to the very core of his soul. Will the world be the same again?


The inevitable war is fast approaching. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. All that is required now is to brace up, to head into battle with such courage not yet known to man and the determination to stop evil.


Burning of Shadows is a book about courage and the fight against fears. Sometimes the very necessity of war is needed before the much desired peace can be attained. As the storm rages, the tale begins.



A BEAUTIFUL JUNE by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili


Zara, the beautiful and talented sculptor is faced with losing her touch as she disappears slowly each day into the gloom that overshadows her. She just lost her beloved in an accident and life for her has lost all meaning. She struggles to let him go but she just doesn’t know how to. It’s been more than a year now but still she is unable to get her life back.


Something is off about this day. Zite, for the life of him, is unable to understand what is happening to him. How is he able to suddenly do things he couldn’t do before? Right now, he sits in the cafe waiting for his special one but the day just doesn’t seem like normal. It feels like people are staring right through him as though he isn’t there.


But Wait! Is he really there?


A Beautiful June is a book about the fight to let go and just be. Love is indeed strong enough to move across the plains of time and set prisoners free. What would you give to get your best life back again? A story of pain and tears giving way to the true power of love and light.


A BEAUTIFUL JUNE…. Coming soon.

TOTUS TUUS by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili


How beautiful is life? Just for a second, allow yourself to be enveloped by the beauty of creation – imagine the wonderful trees, the beautiful fragrance from blossomed flowers, the crystal clear waters of the sea, the gentle caress of the breeze across our skin.

How about the great things in life which are free – family, friends, smiles, laughter, joy, peace, love, happiness etc.? Life is fun! Life is interesting! Life is a gift! Do not just exist but truly live your life. It takes great courage to really live and contrary to what we may think, we sure have the courage to live as we are stronger than we think.

This book helps us to understand  that breaking away from the norms of the society doesn’t mean the death of us. Instead, the very point when we actually do this, is when we actually begin living our lives. This book encourages us to be the best of who we are and to live life to the fullest so we will have no regrets. Let us live for today. Today, this moment is what we have.

THE FORTE by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili

The Forte: A Guide to Building a Beautiful Mind and Spirit is a book that shows you how you can have ALL YOU EVER WANT IN LIFE and the beautiful success you can make of yourself.


That amazing, fun, exciting and interesting life we all crave and desire, is right there within our grasp. The only thing putting it out of reach is our limited mindset. Your mind is your most powerful tool ever and how you use it can either be to your advantage or disadvantage. Your mind is the determinant of whether you ace it or flunk it in your life, career, finances, and all other aspects of life.


It is your mind that keeps you chained to poverty or hands you the key to the treasure chest. Your perception is borne out of the kind of mindset or mentality you have.

Wayne Dyer did say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.




Yes! Read that again!!!!!